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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions on this page apply when you (as a consumer / customer) place an order through our website, There is then an agreement between the Customer and The Mommy Poster.

1. General

1.1 The general terms and conditions on this page apply when you (as a consumer / customer) place an order through our website, There is then an agreement between the Customer and The Mommy Poster.

1.2 The webshop is managed by Sascha Bruinsma (owner and creator of The Mommy Poster), we are located in the Netherlands. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the Chamber of Commerce number 67637450. You can contact us at

1.3 The Mommy Poster reserves the right to change the customer’s order in certain cases.

1.4 The Mommy Poster is not liable for incorrect information on the website such as writing errors, price errors or incorrect images. The Mommy Poster has the right to adjust and correct such errors at any time. If the Customer has placed an order for which incorrect information was indicated at the time of the order, The Mommy Poster will inform the customer and wait until he / she accepts the price change before further processing the order. The Mommy Poster cannot be held liable for incorrect information on the website provided by a third party.

1.5 Images in our webshop are for illustrative purposes only. We do not guarantee that the delivered end product will be an exact representation of these images. In particular, colors on the delivered end product may look different from the preview in the webshop. This can be for several reasons. On a screen, colors are illuminated from behind, this does not happen on paper. The settings of your screen also influence the display of colors. Colors on images and in the preview can therefore only be considered as an indication of the actual colors on the delivered end product.

1.6 The website and all its content is and remains the property of The Mommy Poster. This content is protected by intellectual property rights and trade laws. It is therefore not permitted to copy content (text, brand name, trade name, images, poster design / layout, etc.) without written permission from The Mommy Poster. It is allowed to share photos of the delivered end product on personal social media channels.

2. Orders

2.1 It is not possible to place an order without accepting our terms and conditions. When the terms and conditions are accepted, the customer confirms that he / she agrees to the terms and conditions, our privacy policy and the use of his / her personal data (read our privacy policy here).

2.2 There is a purchase agreement between the Customer and The Mommy Poster when The Mommy Poster has sent the Customer a confirmation by email. It is possible to cancel an order and get your money back before this confirmation email has been sent. The confirmation email contains important information about your order and is your warranty card, so do not throw it away.

3. Customer information

3.1 When placing an order and / or creating an account on, personal data is requested. The rules as described in our privacy policy apply to the collection of personal data. The Customer is responsible for providing correct and complete personal data. The Customer is responsible for keeping his / her login details confidential. If the Customer thinks that his / her login details are being used without his / her permission, he / she will inform The Mommy Poster of this. The Mommy Poster then has the right to change login details for the Customer. If the Customer does not notify us, he / she remains responsible for all orders placed under his / her account.

3.2 The Mommy Poster has the right to block or delete an account, should we suspect that an account is being used in a way that violates these conditions.

4. Prices and payments

4.1 Our products are subject to the prices as stated on our website. These prices are always stated in euros, including VAT and including shipping costs.

4.2 Available payment methods can be found here.

4.3 From time to time there are temporary promotions on all or selected products of The Mommy Poster. The deviating conditions surrounding a promotion are always stated on the website. The Mommy Poster can revoke a promotion at any time, after which the conditions as described on this page apply again.


5.1 The delivery time of a product is stated on the product page. In the unlikely event that the delivery takes more than 30 working days without the intervention of the Customer, the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase agreement.

5.2 The Customer may have to pick up his / her order from a parcel point. This, for example because the customer is not at home at the time of delivery or that he / she has chosen this during the ordering process. The customer is responsible for collecting his / her package on time (according to the conditions of the postal company). If the package is not collected, The Mommy Poster has the right to charge the Customer 30 euros in costs.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1 The Mommy Poster supplies products that are custom-printed especially for the Customer. The Customer can therefore not make use of the right of withdrawal or exchange right for these customized products. It is therefore important that the Customer checks the order extra carefully for errors before placing an order.

7. Warranty and complaints

7.1 The order confirmation that the Customer receives by e-mail after the order is the warranty certificate. Warranty only applies to original manufacturing faults, ie faults that have arisen during the manufacture of the product. The Consumer Protection Enforcement Act describes the warranty of defective products.

7.2 If the Customer discovers a manufacturing defect, this must be reported within two months of discovering the defect and within three years of purchasing the product, to The Mommy Poster by email:

7.3 A complaint will be accepted if it is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Enforcement Act. In this case, The Mommy Poster will reimburse the customer on the basis of the Enforcement and Consumer Protection Act and will bear any return costs of the product.

7.4 The Mommy Poster has the right to reject the complaint if it does not comply with the Consumer Protection Enforcement Act.

8. Force majeure

8.1 Special circumstances (such as extreme weather, war, terrorist attacks, hacks, epidemics, etc.) beyond the control of The Mommy Poster can cause delays. The Mommy Poster is not responsible for delays caused by the aforementioned special circumstances and is in this case exempt from liability and measures. The Mommy Poster informs the Customer in such a situation. Should the special circumstances last longer than two months, the Customer and The Mommy Poster have the right to cancel the order.

9. Changes to these terms

9.1 The Mommy Poster has the right to change its terms and conditions at any time. Changed conditions become valid when the customer accepts them when placing the order or visits our website.

9.2 If the court determines that one of the articles in these terms and conditions is unenforceable, and therefore not valid, the other articles of these terms and conditions will still apply. The Mommy Poster will replace invalid articles on the advice of the court.

10. Complaints

10.1 If you have a complaint, it must first be made known to The Mommy Poster by e-mail.

10.2 If the Customer and The Mommy Poster cannot reach a solution, the customer can submit his / her complaint via the following link:

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